Wednesday, June 11, 2008

9 months old!!!

On May 28th Clark was 9 months old. I honestly can not believe all of the changes in that short of time. His looks are changing daily and he is babbling bah bah, ma ma, pa pa, da da and a few random sounds as well. He is pulling up onto everything. Climbing stairs and onto anything he can put his feet on. His favorite hang out place is the master bath. He has figured out how to turn the bath water on (of course only the Hot side) and tries to pull himself into the tub. We have been swimming in the big pool once. He absolutely loves the water. Especially dunking his face and coming up coughing, snot running out of his nose and eyes still open glazed with water. I swear the kid has no fear. Wes and I bought him a baby pool. He thinks it is alright but would prefer to play in the grass and try to fit rocks, and whatever "Treasures" he can find in his mouth. We have starting eating 3 real meals a day and using sippy cups instead of bottles. I told you...he is a big boy. We have also had to lower his crib to the lowest level. Every morning or after naps we find his standing in the crib with his arms draped over the top trying to pull himself up and over. I am sure I could go on and on but I will stop and just post pictures!!!

Climbing onto his changing table!
His new scrunch nose smile, usually accompanied by loud sniffing
pulling up to play with his Baby Einstein pals.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I figured it out!!!

Clark and Mom!! Daddy and his "Mini-Me"

Clark sitting up all by himself!!
Dinner time with Rice Cereal
I love Eating!!!!

Settling in and on the move...

We are finally getting settled into the new house. Wesley's mom and her friend came in town for the weekend and helped us out tremendously. I feel like my old furniture just does not look right in my new house. Wes and I bought really cute things for our house in Nashville but the don't fit this house. Kinda stinks. We probably should have sold our stuff with the house and started with all new in the new house. That would have been amazing. We would have had to purchased that money tree to go in our back yard to be able to furnish a new house, it is just a nice thought.

Clark is almost crawling. He tries so hard and rocks his little heart out...but nothing. He usually just flops on his belly from being on all fours and looks at me and cries. I think he just gets really frustrated. He is able to move all around on the floor. He pulls and pushed with his arms and pivots on his belly. I think it is so amazing how fast he is growing up:( He is now in 6-9/6-12 month clothing and we tried GREEN BEANS for the first time this morning. He made a horrible face and got the chills(shivered) because of the taste?! They smelled just like green beans but I did not taste them. Maybe I will taste the fruits! We have not been able to get back on schedule yet. The move and DLST have thrown us way off track. For our sanity I hope we can get it all together. Wes has night crying duty and is able to get Clark to go right back to sleep...for about 30 minutes. If anyone has any suggestions on getting Clark to calm down and enjoy the sleep process, I am all ears!

I still don't know how to post pictures. I will get help.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Clark's First Doctor Appointment

Well Clark had his first real, because he was sick, doctor appointment today. He just has a little cold and I was instructed to give him Tylenol...which I have been doing for 2 days now. At the doctors office he tore up the paper on the exam table, sat all by himself on the scale in just his diaper to be weighed( 18lbs) and hated the doctor looking in his ears, mouth and nose. She said that he was very health and not at all overweight or fat. I think she thinks my son has a low self-esteam or something!!! She was very complimentary of how he is growing and progressing. So.....I am very pleased with my pediatrician!!! We also close on our house tomorrow at 4pm. Wes and I can not believe we are buying a new home!!!! I promise, if I knew how to post pictures along with posted I would be posting one of me with a huge smile. So if anyone wants a little vacation, please come to Casa de Sanford. It is the best place on earth. You might not get to sleep through the night because of a screaming baby. But who needs sleep...we are sleep deprived and doing just fine!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The first post of many!

Well I will try to do my best with creating this blog. I can keep it up...if I can figure it out!!! Our family has a lot to share, a lot going on, and many friends and family far away that we need to keep up with. We close on our NEW house Thursday, Feb. 28th in Tulsa, OK. We appriciate the time we have spent under my parents roof but our own space is needed. Clark also turns 6 months old on the 28th!!! He is growing so fast and has become so animated. Wesley's new job with Mesa is going great. He enjoys the people who work there and most of all enjoys working only 40 hours a week and not washing trucks in a suit, tie and expensive shoes. This was my experimental blog...I hope it turns out.